Top Activities To Do In Philadelphia Apr 8, 2016 by Ian (Awesome Escape Blogger)

Philadelphia is the only World Heritage City in the United States, and while we think there should be a few more added to the list, it’s easy to see why Philadelphia made the cut. There are 67 National Historic Landmarks in the city, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Philadelphia is one of our Stunning Summer Cities, with an amazing system of parks, festivals, arts, and culture. So head down to Philly for a long weekend this summer and check out these top activities.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

One of the largest museums in the United States, the Philadelphia Museum of Art has a stunning collection of paintings and artworks from around the world. The statuesque gallery has collections of Asian, European, and American art as well as pieces from modern artists and the historical crafts of Pennsylvania. For the price of admission, you can also visit the Rodin Museum, an annex of the main gallery with one world’s best collections of the famous sculptor including his most famous statue, “The Thinker.”

The Franklin Institute

One of the many museums located on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the Franklin Institute is one of the oldest scientific centers in the United States. Founded in 1824 to continue the spirit of scientific discovery embodied by Benjamin Franklin, the museum houses a variety of fascinating exhibits including an observatory and airplanes flown by the Wright Brothers. The Institute also has a memorial to eponymous inventor and scholar, the city’s most famous son and renowned ambassador.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway

This beautiful avenue runs through the cultural heart of the city, connecting Philadelphia’s most famous museums and institutions. Lined with fountains, shady trees, and public sculptures, taking a stroll down the Parkway is a great way to tour the city for the first time. Duck inside the opulently decorated Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul and splash in the Swann Memorial Fountain.


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