33 Fascinating Ghost Towns Around the World
by Sarah (Awesome Escape Blogger)
Nov 12, 2015

DudleyTown in Cornwall, Connecticut


The town itself was founded in the 1700’s and was originally a settlement place for farmers, but it was never actually a real town, it was a piece of property owned by the Dudley family who just happened to let more and more people move onto the land. Over time, the land was proven as not ideal for farming so people slowly started leaving the property for better farming conditions.DudleyTown has many times been referred to as “the village of the damned” because there are some strange rumors associated with it; it’s apparently laden with ghosts, demons and residents who vanished without a trace.

These ghosts and demons were said to be caused by a curse that came with the Dudley family to the New World. During the reign of Henry VII, Edmund Dudley (a nobleman) was beheaded for treason and the family has been cursed ever since, or so the story goes. There have been many historians who dispute that the founders of Dudley Town had any relation to Edmund Dudley. Legend has it that if you ever visit this ghost town and take something home with you, there will be a curse cast upon your family.

Virginia City, Montana

John Evans - flickr.com

Virginia City is a ghost town not only in the sense that its residents moved out when the economy collapsed, but there are some seriously creepy things happening in this town as well. The Silver Queen Hotel, for example, is said to be home to a ghost from the 1800’s who was a prostitute that committed suicide in room 11 and haunts it to this day. Virginia City got its start when gold was discovered in 1863. News spread quickly about the gold and before long, the area was full of people interested in mining the gold, sleeping in makeshift tents or sleeping in caves or simply under the stars. In the first three years, it was estimated that $30 million worth of gold was removed from this area. By 1875, Virginia City was virtually a ghost town as people had moved on to other areas booming with gold. Today, about 150 people live there year round and 300 people in total live there during the summer months. Virginia City has been a National Historic Landmark since 1961. Today nearly 1/2 of the town's buildings were built before the 1900s and stand between more modern day structures constructed for dining and other amenities to accomodate the visting tourists.

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